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July 18, 2009

Multitasking women threatening again …

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In response to: Ms. Magazine Offends with Summer Cover

[Maybe this is just a publicity stunt for Ms., but that is ok …]

Does imagery have a true meaning?  Does religious imagery belong to anyone exclusively?
While National Review and Heidi Klum seem to have used the imagery in a less than respectful fashion (on whom the disrespect reflects, is another question), I don’t think they claimed to be representing the religion or its true meaning.  They simply used the images to draw attention to themselves and their views.
In the case of Ms. I don’t even see what is disrespectful about this.  Nor does Hindu imagery have a corner on representing women as multitasking or over-tasked.  Furthermore, Hindu mythology is replete with stories of those who questioned, mocked and challenged the wisdom, divinity and even the humanity of those who count among its  gods and goddesses.  Afaik the only thing you are forbidden to do to is step on a god/dess or an image of one.  Same courtesy is extended to people, paper, pencil, books, brooms, food and probably most tools.

As it happens there are images of Durga or Devi with 8 arms but would it matter if there weren’t?  Since when are goddesses supposed to be common?


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