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April 14, 2011

Delightful new series of Chidlren’s Books!

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At last what we have all been looking for, stories drawing from traditional knowledge to illustrate solutions to problems of today through the timeless ingenuity of children as well as the animals.

Friendly Spider is an eye-opener for children and adults alike and explains one of the basic tenets behind non-pesticidal management of pests while growing crops.


April 1, 2011

Imagined Text for Why Didn’t You Eat …

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ThumbnailOne of those funny videos online – thanks to Preeti Verma for sharing it with me.  Originally called “Why didn’t you eat your food” it has been republished, with ads, on one of those Funny Kids Video channels as Baby Gives Compelling Argument

It appears on other channels too, with comments like “baby wins by a landslide” and “he should become a lawyer.”

Though scenes like the hug-denial at 1:10 may not be for the faint-hearted, baby continues undaunted, sticking to his story.

By 1:40 he seems a little tired of repeating the same explanation and appeals to the camera, as if asking viewers for support, while bravely arguing his case himself.

Look at his skeptical expression at 1:41 – Seriously, you still claim not to understand?  You are still asking the same question, “why?”  Seems like a bit of role reversal between parent and child.

At 1:42 baby’s flickering expression says, “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”  The elder brother clearly understands and breaks out laughing.   Little brother catches on and lets a momentary smug smile pass his lips by 1:43.

At 1:45, with a raised index finger, as if remembering another point that just might clinch it for him, he continues till 1:52 with all sincerity, ending with an open palm extended and looking up with full expectation that now at last he has made himself clear.

A male voice (dad?) apparently understanding, asks, “Really?”

“Yeah,” baby answers, in plain English.  Only to be asked again, maybe just to get him to keep talking for the video camera, “why?”

He obliges with some explanation but clearly he too has heard the music blaring from the living room and by 2:02 he can’t resist dancing to it.

The male voice says sternly, “No time to dance.  Answer first.”

Too late.   The topic of dinner finally dropped, junior skips off to the beats of “ताल से ताल मिलाओ,”  while elder brother takes  a moment to reaffirm that Mommy is happy with him, since he, unlike little brother, ate his dinner.

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