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February 9, 2010

Confidence in Vaccines?

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In an interview with Bob Garfield of National Public Radio, Dr. Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, says,

“We are going to see many, many more vaccines available to the general public, and we all have to be very vigilant about making sure that we build trust and confidence in these vaccines which are going to transform the landscape of health over the next generation.”

Why is it the job of a medical journal to “make sure” to “build trust and confidence” in the vaccines that come out in the future? He hasn’t yet seen the vaccines and he already trusts them and wants to build public confidence in them? How does he know they are safe and effective? It is one thing to retract an earlier article, but is he also ruling out any future article questioning safety of vaccines?

As a mother who chooses vaccines carefully for myself and my family, I would like to trust a journal like the Lancet to evaluate research according to rigorous medical and scholarly standards. If instead I learn that the editorial position is to promote vaccines rather than question them, I will be less confident that it is a reliable source of information when making this important decision.


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