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June 12, 2010

Nothing is better

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You need not do anything to teach them these things.   I saw a sign once that said “Nothing is better than tylenol – take nothing.”  I would say, “Nothing is better than training children to use the bathroom. Do nothing.”   Do-nothing sums up my approach to common illnesses as well.  Not that I have never given tylenol but I can say we’d probably have been better off without it.  And there were many times I did follow my heart and gave no medicine, just plenty of love, comfort, mama milk and water.   Do-nothing also works for much of what passes for illness prevention – children are playing in mud – do nothing.   Though (or since) we do wash hands before eating, (but) we don’t prevent playing in the mud.   But illness prevention is amisnomer – because we aren’t actually trying to avoid any illness anytime, we are trying to build up the immune system at the right time – be stronger and thus avoid more serious illnesses or illnesses at later ages which end p being more serious.


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